Wednesday, 4 February 2015


So had a productive day at uni today, although i am still no closer to selecting a piece for my pre-degree show which is a week away. I'm not exactly worried about it, as i have work just not selected anything yet. I want something strong that everyone can connect with, the issue i am having recently is titling my work? so do you or don't you? I think it works well for some art, but not all. I have been trying to generate ideas for titles. Probably one of the hardest things about art, not that any of it is easy, because it is definitely not.

On another note i need to buy frames for some of my work and order a larger print so then i can select from each piece of work for the show. I will add some images in the next few days of work that i may put in to the pre-degree show.


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First Post...

So here the first post of my blog. Never had a blog before, but it will be a great place to share my artwork, thoughts and any other interesting things i come across.

I am a 4th year Contemporary art practice student, specialising in photography.  My work primarily stays within the boundaries of photography but often i delve in to other areas within art. I am due to graduate after four year at Grays school of Art in Aberdeen.

I love creating art - for many reasons, and i am gutted that my time at art school is coming to an end. I shall be sharing some of my artwork on here for the run up to degree show, as well as general chat about artists and artwork. Hope you enjoy.