Sunday, 19 June 2016

A year on..

So its officially been a year since degree show which is scary. Mainly because its a time that i have been trying to figure out what i want to do and where to go from here... i started making a website after i left but it just didn't feel right so i left it. I have been working full time since graduating from Grays which has taken up a lot of my time. In my spare time which is not much i still do photography. I take images i want to take, no projects just things i enjoy and appreciate. Things are starting to come back to me now and i am beginning to enjoy the idea of starting new projects, but firstly i am finishing the website i started, eventually! One thing i learnt through my four years at Grays is projects can't be pushed you need to be enjoying what you are doing and time is important. Very important! This time out from deadlines, projects and the art school environment has made me more eager to get back in to it.

I have been putting images up on to a website called view bug link provided if you would like to have a nosy.

 I enjoy looking at others photography and taking my own for fun. Now i want to get back in to serious work and start producing work again. This has kept my artistic side awake while not doing much but still participating in something.

Now its time to start back at it. I am excited and always getting inspired.

Keep an eye on here and there will be a lot more posts coming soon as i develop the website and start working on the art and photography again.

Oh and link here for my site that is using my artwork for designs for scarves etc. May be of interest to some.

Hopefully many exciting things happening this year.


Thursday, 13 August 2015


Since graduating from art school i have felt lost, what do i do with myself and where do i go from here.. so recently i have been editing photos so i can start setting up my website somewhere to keep my work. Its proving more difficult that i first thought but once it is done it will be worth it!

Apart from that i have been looking for some work, i am moving from the city of Aberdeen in October which is pretty sad as this is where my art school journey happened and i a leaving that behind but i'm off back home for a while till i sort out where my life is going. Lots of potential for future but need to get on track. Exciting times ahead i think :)


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Degree show week...

So we are now in to the degree show week, can't believe its been four years and now its jut about over, its a very daunting experience. People looking at your work and giving you feedback. Its great that people have the chance to look at the work and get the chance to ask questions about it. I have found it is very different to what i expected it to be like and sometimes feel i am putting people off when they are viewing the work because i am sat in my space awaiting any questions they may have.

Looking forward to the next few weeks of applying for some competitions, residencies and jobs. I will be starting on a website where i can upload all my work so people can find it all in the one place which will be very useful for myself and the viewers.

Overall art school has been a great experience and i have started to fins my artistic practice now that i have finalised my final year. It now time to take my experience in to the world of work and start to apply all that i have learned to the work i will continue to make over my time as an artist.

Thanks L.C.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Degree show

So degree show is getting close now... exactly 11 days until all work must be up and hand in for 4th year ends! Wow not much time at all.

Just now i am waiting at home (patiently) for a delivery of light box shelves for my degree show. These will hold multiple resin casts which i have been making over the last 2 months! I am very excited although nervous, my final prints are due to be delivered on Tuesday morning with the rest being delivered on Thursday so doesn't give me much time to hang the work but i am sure they will all look amazing!

Going to be busy painting my space over the weekend and beginning to prepare the space for hanging the work, i will need to decide on which fixtures will work the best for my images. Lots to be doing, best get on with it.


Friday, 17 April 2015

Resin casts...

So in the past few weeks i have been experimenting with resin. I potentially would like to make a mass amount of casts which are all different but have something in common. Going back to the idea of addiction.. resin being a strong chemical substance so was an easy choice to work with - although i will be experimenting with other substances too. I was recently researching in to how people (especially addicts) can live in "their own little world" this gave me ideas to create mini worlds from resin. By making these casts i can trap anything inside.

So far i have been experimenting with bottle tops (linking to alcoholics) and ink too. The results are quite beautiful but will need a lot of refining until i am happy with what i am producing, enough to put the work in amongst my degree show.

so apart from the resin casts, i have a sculpture in progress too.. will upload photos of that in development when it is further forward.

I'm enjoying these new mediums and doing something different while still sticking with my thematic research. I will be posting more in the run up to degree show. look out for more.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Often some of my best work comes from mistakes, or even photographing things that were not meant to be photographs. I recently was away for a few days break up to Braemar... while being away i visited Aviemore. Never having been there before i was taking pictures to remember my time there. When i looked back at my photographs i had took an image that i had no idea how it came to be, after looking more closely i realised it was an accident when i had moved my camera... just like a previous picture which i had taken a few years back. The colours and shapes were soft and subtle. A very gentle image which is abstracted, but also can be related to what it actually is when you look carefully - i think.

It made me realise that just like in life, everyone makes mistakes. They change us and make us who we are. I am feeling very philosophical at the moment.. (waiting on bad news) and in that moment where i am questioning life. This image sums up what i am feeling at the moment, hazy, weak and unsure.


Degree show preparation

So, we are now in to the easter break... this is giving me time to look at my ideas for the degree show, what i want to show and how they will sit together when presented in a space. It is an exciting time for us fourth years getting to show case our work from this year.

At the moment i have lots of ideas which are all good in theory, but need tested to see if they will definitely work. My degree show is shaping up to be a mix of mediums from photography - my main media for the show -  to sculpture.

Each different aspect plays a part in the thematic area which i have always kept my practice.
I have thought in depth about having leaflets or booklets about my work for people to take away with them, to remember me, to possibly contact me afterwards (it will include all my up to date contact details) and a summary of my work.

The little things are quite important in the show too, titles and space etc.

I am working on my proposal at the moment for the space i would like to exhibit in. I am looking for a large 3/4 wall space where i can have work which is parallel to each other giving different impressions of the work. My proposals includes drawings of the space and how i would envisage my degree show looking.

Busy time for us students at the moment, but will all be worth it in the end.