Friday, 6 March 2015

Today 06/03/15

So not been posting much since i set up my blog. Mainly because i was trying to get my dissertation out the way. Now its all printed, bound and submitted. woohoo! That is a big stress of my mind now and time to start focusing more on studio work, how i will present work for degree show - oh and before i forget what work i will actually be putting in, working through some problems to create what works best to showcase my art practice. Lots to think about now.

Had a group discussion this morning at uni about drawing and visualisation, it was really helpful and made me think more about degree show, what  need to do before hand and about the way in which i present my work for assessment.

Also today i went to a guest at grays - a lecture from an artist about her work and what she does. From the minute i seen the poster advertising the event i was instantly interested and wished it had been was before the dissertation hand in, she would have been a great example to put in to my dissertation. My dissertation was based on using Art as a coping mechanism. The guest at grays was about using art as therapy and how they cross over within artists practices. This was a point i raised in my dissertation, i thoroughly enjoyed the lecture by Bronwyn Platten it made me think about my future within the arts and how i would like to progress.

Overall a long, productive day.


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