Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Degree show preparation

So, we are now in to the easter break... this is giving me time to look at my ideas for the degree show, what i want to show and how they will sit together when presented in a space. It is an exciting time for us fourth years getting to show case our work from this year.

At the moment i have lots of ideas which are all good in theory, but need tested to see if they will definitely work. My degree show is shaping up to be a mix of mediums from photography - my main media for the show -  to sculpture.

Each different aspect plays a part in the thematic area which i have always kept my practice.
I have thought in depth about having leaflets or booklets about my work for people to take away with them, to remember me, to possibly contact me afterwards (it will include all my up to date contact details) and a summary of my work.

The little things are quite important in the show too, titles and space etc.

I am working on my proposal at the moment for the space i would like to exhibit in. I am looking for a large 3/4 wall space where i can have work which is parallel to each other giving different impressions of the work. My proposals includes drawings of the space and how i would envisage my degree show looking.

Busy time for us students at the moment, but will all be worth it in the end.


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