Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Often some of my best work comes from mistakes, or even photographing things that were not meant to be photographs. I recently was away for a few days break up to Braemar... while being away i visited Aviemore. Never having been there before i was taking pictures to remember my time there. When i looked back at my photographs i had took an image that i had no idea how it came to be, after looking more closely i realised it was an accident when i had moved my camera... just like a previous picture which i had taken a few years back. The colours and shapes were soft and subtle. A very gentle image which is abstracted, but also can be related to what it actually is when you look carefully - i think.

It made me realise that just like in life, everyone makes mistakes. They change us and make us who we are. I am feeling very philosophical at the moment.. (waiting on bad news) and in that moment where i am questioning life. This image sums up what i am feeling at the moment, hazy, weak and unsure.


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