Friday, 17 April 2015

Resin casts...

So in the past few weeks i have been experimenting with resin. I potentially would like to make a mass amount of casts which are all different but have something in common. Going back to the idea of addiction.. resin being a strong chemical substance so was an easy choice to work with - although i will be experimenting with other substances too. I was recently researching in to how people (especially addicts) can live in "their own little world" this gave me ideas to create mini worlds from resin. By making these casts i can trap anything inside.

So far i have been experimenting with bottle tops (linking to alcoholics) and ink too. The results are quite beautiful but will need a lot of refining until i am happy with what i am producing, enough to put the work in amongst my degree show.

so apart from the resin casts, i have a sculpture in progress too.. will upload photos of that in development when it is further forward.

I'm enjoying these new mediums and doing something different while still sticking with my thematic research. I will be posting more in the run up to degree show. look out for more.

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